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Sara lives and works in Maryland with her husband, Michael and three dogs, 14-year old Molly (Chocolate Lab) 9-year old Sami (Boxer) and 3-year old Chance (rescued mutt {the best dog ever}). "I live a very busy life between family, friends, and art. I am living what I love." Of their five ‘children’ (combined) – four are in college and the youngest is a junior in high school.

Her business has grown steadily over the past few years. Her art is sold in pet boutiques and gift shops throughout the USA; in Canada and in the UK. Her website also offers all of her designs on matted prints, sandstone coasters, jewelry boxes and many more fun and unique products.

One of Sara's lines of art reflects her love of women having fun together. One of her designs in the "Girls' Weekend" Series is four beach chairs with tropical drinks and flip flops scattered around. "I titled this design `Time Out Chairs', because big girls need time out too! I joke with customers: “It's the ‘women escaping’ line of art. We always come back; we just need a little `Time Out'!"

Sara also loves time with the "girls." She had two sisters growing up and loved to spend time with them. "My dream for us was to be like `The Golden Girls', retreating to the tropics together after a happy life with family." Unfortunately, Sara's younger sister was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in the spring of 2005 and passed from the disease six months later. It was a tragedy beyond tragedies, and a life changing experience for Sara. "We go about life as if there are many tomorrows, but sometimes there are not. I always hug my family good bye and let them know I love them. I appreciate all the friendships in my life, and hope to never take them for granted.

Sara now volunteers with the Joanna M. Nicolay Melanoma Foundation and their graphic art needs. "They are a wonderful group of people trying to spread the news about melanoma. It is a very aggressive cancer, and the general public is not as aware as they need to be. Tanning beds are not safe. Melanoma is one of the leading causes of death in young women. I meet so many people that have been diagnosed with or have a close friend or family member diagnosed with melanoma. If caught early, it is very treatable. Get your moles checked!"

What I've Learned About Life:

Life is a gift. Live each day with passion. Love your family and friends.
Help someone laugh, even in the toughest of times. 
Humor can get you through.
Life is beautiful...


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