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FREE SHIPPING over $45 in the Continental US | Need help with ordering? Give us a call at 301-685-1239
Capturing Charm: French Bulldog Artistry for Frenchie Aficionados

Capturing Charm: French Bulldog Artistry for Frenchie Aficionados

For the first time in 31 years, the fabled Labrador Retriever is not the most popular dog breed! Slowly creeping up the list over the past five years, the French Bulldog has usurped the coveted title of ‘America’s Most Popular Dog Breed’.

For Frenchie lovers, the connection goes beyond the wagging tails and playful antics. It's a passion that transcends into the realm of art, where the unique allure of these animals is captured and celebrated through French Bulldog art.

One of the first breeds Sara was commissioned to draw was a Frenchie named Croissant. Although the popular French Bulldog was among the two dozen breeds in Sara’s original dog art collection, her stock Frenchie art did not quite capture Croissant’s singular charm and effervescence.

Capturing the Frenchie’s essence

Frenchie Art by Sara England Designs - Calypso

Frenchies possess a certain elegance and playfulness that artists like Sara find captivating. The challenge lies in translating their charm onto the art piece, creating treasured keepsakes that not only resemble the breed and each particular dog’s personality but also evoke the same affectionate emotions Frenchie enthusiasts feel.

As Sara notes, “When creating French Bulldog artwork, it’s all about the ‘Three E’s…eyes, ears and expression. My goal is to create eye-catching and memorable images that are as irresistible as these impish dogs themselves. One of the Frenchie’s best features is that they come in such a wide variety of colors and patterns – fawns, sables, creams, brindles and pieds (kind of like a Paint Pony). That makes the French Bulldog art even more unique and special”. 

Over the years, Sara has drawn dozens of custom art pieces, including the likes of Calypso, Funny Face, Tallulah & Dauphy. Once Sara’s Frenchie art is complete, it can be reproduced on an array of unique products including canvases, art prints, glass cutting boards, ceramic coasters and many other distinct home goods.

In the world of art, French Bulldogs have become muses, and their appeal continues to captivate Frenchie aficionados around the globe. As these artistic expressions of love for the breed proliferate, they not only decorate our spaces but also serve as a testament to the enduring bond between humans and their charming French Bulldog companions.

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